Franziska Ehlert

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Universitätsplatz 5, 18055 Rostock

Space and Education: Understanding and Constructing Space – Relevant Interpretations of Education within Protestant Religious Education Studies

Space is a popular concept and becomes increasingly relevant in the field of philosophical and cultural scientific discourses, so that at least since the beginning of the 21st century human existence has been established as spatial. The PhD project aims at transferring relevant aspects of common debates on the concept of space into the context of protestant religious education studies; while taking into account the large variety of interpretations of the spatial concept, as they are established in the field of practical theology. Thus, interpretations of space are understood as powerful gestures of showing or talking about space which at the same time influence the perception of space itself in some way or other. Through the analysis of various understandings and interpretations that are inherent in the concept of space and considering the dimension of power, the project will enhance the perspective that protestant religious education studies generally has on space. Additionally, it will focus on the integration of spatial theories, developed in sociology and educational studies, into the context of protestant religious education studies, in particular, the theory of „relational Space“ established by Martina Löw. Hence, the project does not only intend to extend the interpretation and understanding of space but also to reconsider educational processes in the light of spatial categories.